When you lift your expectations higher, when you expect more from your organization and from yourself, you make true transformation possible. That’s what Lee Hicks has been helping organizations and professionals achieve for over 28 years.

As an entrepreneur, a consultant, a speaker, an author and a philanthropist, Lee’s talent has touched some of the biggest names in business worldwide. You really can reinvent your organization. You can achieve more than ever in your career. You can even help change the world. It all starts here.

“Lee added energy, leadership and execution to our sales effort at Proficient Systems. As a result, we added significant new enterprise clients (like The Home Depot) and picked up substantial momentum, which ultimately led to the successful sale of the business. Lee is a proven sales leader.”-Steve Hufford, Managing Director, Investment Banking at Raymond James

“I was fortunate to facilitate a Birkman certification where Lee was a very strong participant. The whole class admired his skill and organizational insight along with his heart for consulting. He is truly making a difference for his clients and anyone who comes in contact with him. I am very glad to call him a colleague and friend.”-Patti Corbett Hansen, CEO at Corbett Consulting Group LLC and Owner, Corbett Consulting Group LLC

The salesperson is now the single largest factor in a customer’s purchasing decision.
More than half of US college graduates are likely to work in sales during their careers.
Fewer than 100 colleges in the US have sales programs.
With the right insights, becoming one of the top 1% of all salespeople is attainable.

Just identifying the opportunity
isn’t enough.

To truly be successful, you have to able to capitalize and realize the potential. That’s where Lee Hicks makes the greatest difference. As the Founder and CEO of Winning Adaptive Sales, an H2 Strategies, LLC Company, Lee has created a “Leadership Network” of the most successful people and technologies behind the sales industry’s leading complex sales methodology.

Winning Adaptive Sales is Lee’s second entrepreneurial endeavor. His first was C PORT Solutions, a Unified Collaboration and Healthcare IT company that was acquired by Newell Rubbermaid which became Rubbermaid Telemedicine Solutions.

Capitalize and realize. YES YOU CAN.

Lee’s expertise has been utilized by some of the world’s most recognizable brands including Newell Rubbermaid, Time Warner Cable, Joe Gibbs Racing, SAP, Polycom, Groupo Carso, Toshiba and many others because of one thing… T-R-U-S-T.

Whether you have an existing business and you’re exploring a new opportunity or you have a brand new idea and you’re in start-up mode, Lee can help you position your company for long-term success.





at all levels.


the client’s Critical Business Objectives (CBO)


Solutions that Synergize with their CBO’s



“I worked with Lee on his team at Jacada. Lee is a passionate leader, inspiring motivator and insightful coach. His core belief system is contagious and sows the seeds for success throughout the organization.”Rich Roberts, Purchase to Pay and E-Invoicing Specialist helping companies transform their finance operations
“It’s not often that you have an opportunity to partner with a true thought leader that will develop a framework, that will help you and your organization achieve greater sales performance ,foster personal growth, and ultimately drive long term profitable revenue achievement. If you have an opportunity to interact with Lee in any capacity, you and your organization will benefit for many years.”George Foland, Vice President Direct Sales at Broadview Networks, Inc.
“Lee’s drive, his professionalism and his ability to connect to people had a high impact on the individuals that he coached. As a result, Lee helped create an army of change agents for the company (SSA Global).”Luuk Kornelius, Chief Information Officer at Atlas Professionals

Motivating your audience is just the beginning.

As an internationally recognized leadership and sales expert, Lee has inspired thousands of leaders and sales professionals worldwide. Lee is a natural born coach, teacher and leader who loves to inspire and motivate clients with real-life examples, humorous anecdotes and time-tested principles that enable each client to live a “YES YOU CAN” life!

Lee has served and inspired numerous Fortune 500 companies, early stage start-ups, non-profits, and educational institutions. Clients engage him time and time again because of his ability to deliver meaningful content that connects with the audience, equips them for success and encourages them to “raise their game while they help others do the same.”

Hire Lee for your next Event

“Lee keynoted our annual Georgia Legislative Policy Forum before a crowd of 250 elected officials, business and community leaders. His speech on “Keeping Innovative Startup Companies and Jobs in Georgia” was inspirational and provided the spark needed for the Georgia General Assembly to make needed changes in the ensuing years. The feedback we received was fantastic and I would heartily recommend Lee as a speaker. “Kelly McCutchen, President and CEO, Georgia Public Policy Foundation

Lee has high impact content for Corporations, Civic Associations, Legislative Bodies, Faith Based Organizations, Education and Athletics. Lee’s most popular speeches are…

  • Connector.

    How to live a “YES YOU CAN” life

    Gaining Insights and Inspiration from those that are much more challenged than you and me!

  • Connector.

    Trusted Advisor

    What does being a “Trusted Advisor” demand?

  • Connector.

    Others Focused

    How to be sincerely “Others Focused”

  • Connector.

    I > B > A > R

    “I > B > A > R” the pathway to Great Results

  • Connector.

    Transforming Demand Reaction

    Transforming demand reaction DSR’s (Dying Sales Reps) into demand creation ASP’s (Adaptive Selling Pro’s)

Making the best even better is what H2 Strategies is all about.
Lee is the Founder and CEO of H2 Strategies, LLC, A Strategic Consulting Group that offers services in the following areas:



We create an experience and facilitate the processes that enable you to validate, animate, or create a vision that both inspires and sets a course for your future relevance. We also partner with you to develop strategies that will help you achieve your vision and maintain the resulting momentum well into the future.
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We provide proactive leadership development for persons, teams, departments, and the organization. Through a variety of mediums, and an adult learning methodology, leaders will develop or refine the competencies that will most enable you and your organization to thrive.
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We complement and compensate for your sustainable process improvement needs and optimize your entire infrastructure for both safety and success. Our experts make sure your operations are relevant and aligned with your mission. Compliance, safety, risk, security, even employee satisfaction can improve measurably.
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We make sure you have an actionable Human Capital strategy that is properly aligned with your corporate vision and a worker experience that drives purpose and engagement throughout the enterprise. Our expertise will help you unlock the true potential of your people – at every level of your organization.
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We provide world-class leadership development, sales experience, and training “know how” to make sure you have the business acumen, the strategic literacy and the insights to deliver value, engage customers in a digital but consultative way, and define solutions to address your customers’ critical business objectives.
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We provide complete digital marketing and advertising solutions. From research and competitive analysis to the development of a comprehensive brand strategy to world-class creative services, we make sure you’re reaching the right audience, with the right message, through the right media.
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How can H2 Strategies assist you?

Transformation starts with a conversation.

Sometimes life’s greatest challenges create the greatest opportunities.


Through his daughter, Lee was blessed to have been connected to the famous Team Hoyt…Dick and Rick Hoyt. Dick is that incredible father you have seen on TV competing in marathons and Iron Man triathlons with his disabled son Rick. If you are not familiar, visit www.TEAMHOYT.com and be prepared to be changed forever!

Dick became Lee’s mentor in all aspects of life. On November 13, 2003, Dick gave Lee a copy of his book titled “It’s Only a Mountain” and on the inside cover he wrote a personal note to Lee that said…“as you read this book please think of the three small three lettered words “Yes You Can.” On that day, Lee began living what he calls “A YES YOU CAN LIFE!”

That is why Lee is on the Board of Directors for Disabled Sports USA. Disabled Sports USA’s mission is to provide national leadership and opportunities for individuals with disabilities to develop independence, confidence, and fitness through participation in community sports, recreation and educational programs. Every day, we work hard to pursue our vision that “every person, regardless of ability, has an equal opportunity to participate in sports and recreation in their community.”

Join Lee by becoming an active supporter of Disabled Sports USA by visiting www.DSUSA.org

April 17, 2001 changed Lee’s life forever, setting him on a course he would never choose willingly but one that would make him a better man, husband and soon thereafter, father and philanthropist.

Lee and his wife Fredda were 21 weeks pregnant with twins, Lanier and Bentley-Grace. On that day in April 2001, Fredda went into pre-term labor and Lanier died and had to be delivered. By God’s Grace, Bentley-Grace survived and on May 7, 2001, Bentley-Grace Hicks was born 4 months pre-mature at 1 pound 6 ounces.

The Doctors painted a very bleak picture saying that she probably would not live long and if she did she would never walk, talk, see, breathe without oxygen tubes, eat without feeding tubes…you get the picture.

The Doctors were wrong! She did live, she can talk, she can breathe without supplemental oxygen, and she can eat without a feeding tube. The only thing they were right about was that she can’t walk…YET!

Just ask her and she will tell you she will not just walk one day but she will RUN!

Bentley-Grace was diagnosed with Spastic Quadriplegia Cerebral Palsy and is in a wheelchair requiring physical assistance around the clock. But don’t let that bring you down in the least. She may be physically disabled but she is all there mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

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